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Campaign to Sustain FCS UPDATE!

October has been an amazing month for OATFACS!

As part of our Campaign to Sustain FCS we held five Focus Group meetings across the state to bring forth ideas and perceptions about what Family and Consumer Sciences is and what value it has for students of today. These meetings brought out about 140 individuals willing to share in this discussion. As our team at the Impact Group filters through the comments and begins to develop a cohesive plan for us, they remain excited about the project and describe many of our FCS teachers as “obviously passionate about their work”. We need to bring that passion forward as we develop and implement new strategies to talk about and market FCS and OATFACS is counting on every FCS teacher to follow the plan and be part of the process.

The next phase of our work with the Impact Group involves several surveys. Between now and December 7th, 600 randomly selected Ohio residents will participate in a survey about the value of FCS, at least 10 school administrators will participate in 30-minute phone interviews about their perceptions of FCS, and many FCS teachers will be contacted to complete a survey about their programs.

We have had several OATFACS volunteers from the Sit & Commit session of the August conference working to collect contact information for every FCS teacher in the state. This includes all workforce teachers in culinary, ECE, teaching professions, hospitality, and GRADS.
It is a time-consuming process but vital for us to complete. This data base will be key to sharing our plan and helping every FCS teacher play a positive role in sustaining FCS across Ohio.

To ensure your name is included, please take a moment and send your name, county, school district, school name, email, and teaching area if in a workforce program to Please pass this message on to other teachers you know so we can be sure all Ohio FCS teachers are receiving the information needed to positively promote FCS.

If you are not a member of OATFACS, it is time to make that a priority in your professional life. This organization exists to serve our profession, to improve our role as teachers, to support FCS Career Tech programs and to provide top-notch professional development specifically for FCS Career Tech teachers. The Campaign to Sustain FCS is pointless if we do not have the support and commitment from YOU and every FCS teacher as a professional and member of OATFACS.

Join us and make this the year that shines a light on the value of FCS for every student in Ohio!
Comments and questions about the Campaign to Sustain FCS may be directed to Kelley Smith at the website included above.

Click here to contact Kelley Smith to volunteer, ask questions or get additional information.

From Our President:

Dear Colleagues,

What an honor it is to serve as Ohio Association of Teachers in Family and Consumer Sciences (OATFACS) President for this coming year. Our goals for the coming year include:

  • Provide professional development for FCS Career Technical educators to assist them in preparing students for careers, work and family life.

  • Provide an organization for group action dealing with issues of importance to Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • Provide opportunities to exchange ideas and materials as well as sharing expectations.

  • Support the purpose of the Ohio Association of Career Technical Education.

Your membership and involvement allows us to keep moving FCS Career Technical Education forward in Ohio.

Thank you,

Dova Zak
OATFACS President