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teacherWelcome to the Ohio Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (OATFACS) web site.  We are an organization dedicated to promoting Family and Consumer Science (FCS) within Ohio and its schools to improve the lives of our students, their families and our communities.

One purpose of OATFACS is to collaborate with Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to provide professional development opportunities for our members and all FCS teachers.

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FCS: Building the Path of Career Tech!

AUG. 04, 2014 - AUG. 06, 2014

@Hilton Columbus at Easton
3900 Chagrin Drive
 Columbus, Ohio
 Phone Number: 614-416-8429

Keynote Speaker 1 - Jones Loflin: Making “It” Happen This Year!

Keynote Speaker 2 - Josh Davies: Developing Strong Work Ethic - The Key to Employee Engagement and Sustained Performance

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Calling all Family and Consumer Science Teachers

The Ohio Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (OATFACS) is seeking nominations for a number of awards and recognitions that will be presented at our August 4-5, 2014 Annual Meeting and Conference in Columbus.
We are calling upon you to help in this process by nominating worthy Family and Consumer Sciences teachers you work with or know in other ways. Help us recognize the many deserving OATFACS educators who are:

  • Stepping up to provide authentic learning experiences for students
  • Implementing creative lessons that focus on our state standards
  • Supporting core subjects and workforce development programs
  • Shining a light on the value the FCS curriculum has in preparing students for future work and life roles.

Please review the Ohio ACTE OATFACS Division Award Descriptions which also includes a link to the nomination form. Please remember that award winners must be a current member of the OATFACS organization. Many of us work alone and are the only FCS teacher in a building or district and may not have a supervisor or co-worker to make a nomination. In that case, please share this message with your principal or superintendent.

All nominations must be submitted to Ruth Kidney-Budd, OATFACS award Chair, no later than April 30th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ruth Kidney-Budd.
Phone: 937 572-1659

Congratulations to the newly elected President of the
National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (NATFACS)

In December at the Association for Career and Technical Education’s (ACTE) Career Tech VISION 2013, Karen Dunn, a Graduation, Reality and Dual-Role Skills (GRADS) teacher at Mid East Career and Technology Centers was elected president of the National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (NATFACS).  Ms Dunn will begin her term as president-elect July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015; president July 1, 2015 – June 30 2016; past president July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 and historian July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.  The membership of NATFACS is composed of Family and Consumer Science teachers from all 50 states and the US territories.
The purposes of NATFACS are:

  • To provide an organization for group expression and group action dealing with problems of national importance to Family and Consumer Sciences
  • To provide opportunity  for an exchange of ideas and materials as well as a sharing of expectations
  • To support the purposes of the ACTE.

Ms Dunn has been an active member in NATFACS since 1988 and has served as the Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences president twice.

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