Kelley Smith has been an active FCS professional since 1974. She has a Bachelors’ degree from Otterbein College and a Master’s degree from Marygrove College. Kelley Smith has been teaching at Tallmadge Middle School since 1994. Kelley is described as an enthusiastic educator with a passion for helping middle school students discover and develop life skills for personal and career success through a student-centered approach to learning. She has created innovative programs, such as the afterschool snack program – where the students created and sold healthy snacks to the students, which resulted in the end of pizza being sold after school.Her students have created career brochures to advertise the educational opportunities within their school district. Her students have done numerous service projects includingraising money to donate to the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank. Kelley is an advisor of 3 clubs at Tallmadge Middle School: the FCS club, a Japanese Culture Club and the Student Council.

Kelley has provided key leadership for the development and implementation of the new FCS Course of Study using the Understanding by Design process. She is a significant contributor to the writing of the 2007 Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences Content Standards. She is active professionally in the OATFACS organization serving as the 2009-2010 OATFACS President, 2008 Conference Chair, and 2007 Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair. She is also a member of the NATFACS Financial Growth Committee. Mr. Robert Kearns, Kelley’s Principal sums up her outstanding qualities this way, “Kelley is the type of person that makes our entire school successful. The only way to truly comprehend Kelley’s contributions to student learning is to have the privilege of visiting her classroom and watching her engage students daily in the learning process. Excellent schools have dedicated staff members that raise the bar for everyone; Mrs. Smith is one of those teachers.”




Katherine Lucas is a true example of a person that has worked her way up a career ladder to reach the position she now holds. After receiving her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in 1996, she became employed as Preschool Teacher and Site Director. Then she became a Site Manager. Later she became a Center Director, and finally in 2007 she became the Early Childhood Education Instructor at Mid-East Career and Technical Centers, in Zanesville, Ohio.Throughout her employment, she was continuing her education to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Education and the Career and Technical Licensure program. Now that’s passion and persistence!

Katie is the single teacher of a two-year ECE program that includes a licensed preschool for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Her high school students are of a wide range of abilities from gifted to students of learning disabilities. Her high school students have learned to use technology to create their portfolios. Katie has refocused efforts of the FCCLA organization for her students through more community service projects and leadership opportunities. Her students competed at the regional and state levels this year. Her students’ state, “Mrs. Lucas is very “big” on encouraging all students to achieve, by doing their very best. Mrs. Lucas has increased student learning by adding field experiences and job shadowing opportunities. This means she has to spend some personal time planning for us to learn better. She has added community (activities) like reading to children in the play area at the local shopping mall and serving as bell ringers for the Salvation Army.” Her students conclude, “Mrs. Lucas is a great teacher and a good role model as we work to become teachers. We look up to her.” We at OATFACS salute Katherine Lucas for her high standards of excellence in her first three years of teaching at Mid-East Career and Technical Centers, in Zanesville, Ohio.



Jane King has an abundance of talents. She has been an ambassador for Career and Technical Education for manyyears; she’s anenthusiastic leader and role model.Without her efforts and guidance, the many years of OATFACSand Ohio ACTE/OVA conferences would not be possible. She has served as NATFACS President and a past OVA President. Jane has over 30 years of classroom teaching experience, both at high school and college levels.She has led our profession in her role as a consultant at the Ohio Department of Education.

Family and Consumer Sciences education and issues have been a passion for Jane King all of her professional career. Jane is a true mentor. FCS professionals in Ohio know that if you needed someone to be a listening board for you, to guide you in the proper direction, to help you find the right person to help with a problem – Jane King was the person you could always reach and would be willing to help. Jane retired from the Ohio Department of Education this past spring. She has given 100% to our profession all of her working life and we applaud her for her dedication and high standards.



Karen Dunn has embraced the philosophy that an active professional is truly active inprofessional organizations! She has served as a union representative both at the building and district level. She is active in her church and the Delta Kappa Gamma organization. At the state level, Karen has served as OATFACS President, Secretary, Publication Chair, and Membership Chair. She has served on the Ohio ACTE Board of Directors and on their Executive Committee. Karen has attended every national ACTE/NATFACS conference since 1996! She has served as a member of 6 different national committees. Karen served as the Chair of the Nominating committee for two years. She is currently serving as the NATFACS Secretary. Karen works as a GRADS teacher at Mid-East Career and Technology Center. We are proud to have Karen Dunn as our Ohio Nominee for the NATFACS Award of Merit.




The purpose of the Champion for Family and Consumer Sciences award is acknowledge an individual outside of the Family and Consumer Sciences profession who has exemplified extraordinary support and concern from Family and Consumer Sciences and OATFACS. Cindy McKay not only meets this standard, she surpasses it!

Cindy was already an advocate for FCS when she moved to Cleveland in 1974, where she was the Assistant Director of the Family Life Program. She developed and trained FCS educators to work in schools and programs there. She also spoke at seminars and conferences and carried advocacy for FCS into many realms in which she worked. Cindy McKay is the one responsible for the leading the early childhood educators to the first OAEYC meeting in Ohio.

Cindy is the founder of the Parent Cooperative Preschools International organization. She helped create the Learning Disabilities standards for Indiana. She established the first classes for parenting for high-risk parents in the Cleveland Public schools by training FCS teachers and educational aides. She helped develop the Child Abuse Prevention policies in Cleveland. She was instrumental in creating educational programs for immigrant groups in Cleveland. She developed programs for youth, conducted research on issues of poverty and their effects on family health and development. She opened the very first statewide USEP-OHIO, Inc office in her home in 1982. Through the initiatives that came from this group, Ohio legislation changed to keep accurate records of child abuse and other family poverty statistics.

Child abuse prevention education was started in Cuyahoga County and the Celeste administration kept a pledge to increase the number of Maternal-Child Health clinics in Ohio. All of the work that Cindy began in the Cleveland area, she has worked to have those initiatives continue state wide. She is founding board member of the Children’s Trust Fund that works to establish prevent programs to combat child abuse and neglect; establish domestic violence programs, reclaim women’s safety and establishing child care, jobs and training in their communities and increased juvenile justice programs. She also worked to support budget initiatives for Ohio Family Life Programs to develop legislation requiring parent education in the Ohio Public Schools. She has helped with the FCS standards by helping secure experts in the fields and to help write the GRADS standards. Cindy has worked with all the Ohio Governors from Governor Celeste, Voinovich and Taft. Cindy stated, “My feeling is that FCS is truly the heart of the education process, but that everyone needs to educated and updated on a regular basis with what FCS offers- from the legislature to the many public and private organizations that serve our state, even within ODE!”



Kim Root is a team player when it comes to Community Service projects. She and her co-workers have taught the students of Bellevue City Schools what volunteerism is all about! Kim organized a Feed the Children project where her students earned enough money to purchase a semi truck full of food/supplies for the Bellevue community. Her students babysat for a weekend at Kalahari for service families involved in a conference there. Other service projects include: school recycling, Children’s Miracle Network, serving meal at Crossroads, the area homeless shelter, Community Free Meals for local income hardship families, making and serving Thanksgiving meals, The Giving Tree –for local Christmas toys/clothing for children, serving of community dinners, Christmas wrapping of packages at the holiday markets, Relay for Life campaigns, Salvation Army Bell Ringing,Rachel’s Challenge Assembly, Operation Evergreen, and the list goes on! Kim stated that many of these projects were a result of her students participating in FCCLA events, specifically the Power of One.

In addition to teaching students the value of giving back to their community through community service – Kim Root has been a true advocate for the value of Family and Consumer Sciences education. Kim has worked with her Bellevue City Schools Superintendent, Principal, and her local advisory committee over the past year to try to reinstate the Family and Consumer Sciences middle school program that was eliminated two years ago. By collecting data from a community survey which was sent to parents, business people, middle school teachers, etc – the survey results indicated that 90% of the community wanted Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences reinstated. Kim’s efforts persuaded the Superintendent to bring MS FCS back to Bellevue City Schools. Kim has the support of both her Principal Mr. Gordon Moore and her Superintendent Kim Schubert for her efforts as an FCS teacher.



Meta Van Nostran began her professional career in 1972 as aHome EconomicsInstructor and a FHA/HEROadvisor in Athens, Ohio. Meta continued to use her FCS training to assist her in many other related careers including working for the Mid-States Wool Growers, serving as a Curriculum Supervisor for Athens/Meigs Education Service Center, being a Primary Project Consultant for Educational Television of Southeast Ohio, and finally as an Assistant Professor/Teacher Educator at Ohio University, School of Human Ecology in Athens, Ohio. Meta is responsible for teaching 5 FCS classes at OU and she is the FCS Student Teacher Supervisor. She is the advisor for the OU student chapter of the OAFCS professional organization. She serves on 4 committees at Ohio University and was the Quarter to Semester FCS Program coordinator. Meta has written grants that have brought in over $143,000 to the Athens area. She has presented at Ohio ACTE or OATFACS conferences every year from 1980-1995+ years!



The Distinguished Service Award recognizes superior teaching and/or other professional commitment within each Division of Ohio ACTE. This award is presented to individuals in each division who have made the highest contributions to improvement, promotion, development and progress of career technical and adult education.




The purpose of the Pacesetter Award is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership or innovative program achievements through service to Ohio ACTE. Each division selects their Pacesetter recipients. The current Pacesetter award winners are currently serving on either the OATFACS board or as active members of the conference planning committee. Here are our Pacesetter award recipients: Anne Rolfes, Jane Smith, Linda Dillon, Kelly Schultz, Kim Hopewell, and Dova Zack.

Congratulations to all of the award winners!